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We live for unique flavors and are always experimenting with new combinations. Whether it’s turning our childhood cups of chai into a pop or coming up with a kulfi in honor of this beautiful city, we’re here for it!

What Customers Are Saying

“This is my favorite sweet treat in the whole world!”

“I never knew I wanted to fall in love with a popsicle… but this is truly the most delicious treat I’ve ever tried.”

“It’s hard to put into the words the flavour of these pops. 100% something that must be tried when visiting Portland to see what the much deserved hype is all about!”

“These are amazingly delicious, fresh, and handmade with high quality ingredients. Bonus that the owners are really lovely people as well!”

“The menu at Kulfi PDX is one of ever-evolving amazement. The staples that can be found there are truly magical.”

“I’ve never experienced flavor like this in a pop, and look forward to all the flavors they come up with!”

“This small, local company makes the best pops ever! The Rose City was the most amazing frozen confectionary treat imaginable!”

“The cart owners are genuinely some of the nicest and most charismatic people you will ever meet in your life, and their ice cream flavors are some that you’ll remember and crave for the rest of your life!”