We started off just making traditional kulfi, but our Mad Scientist couldn’t stop coming up with new flavors, so we’ve gone in all kinds of directions. Kulfi will always be how we started (and will always be on the menu) and is also a nostalgic nod to our childhood. We grew up in households where we learned Punjabi before English and ice pops were always referred to as kulfi. Now, our menu is ever-changing. We also never use artificial flavors, colors, juices, or preservatives. All our pops are all-natural and each one is hand made and packaged by us.

New Fall Flavors!

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake

This pop has a ricotta and pumpkin base that’s combined with fall spices and is topped off with a spiced graham cracker crust!

Apple Pop (vegan)

This pop is super simple and super delicious! Made with local apples from Douglas Farm, we let the apples be the star of the show by adding only a touch of sugar and nothing else!

Rose City

In honor of the city we love, this creamy pop is made with rose water, cardamom, a touch of sharbat, and pistachios.

Rose City

Mango Lassi

Our most popular flavor combines real mango, organic yogurt, coconut milk for frozen mango lassi on a stick!


A creamy, pistachio dream. Do we need to say more?

Chai Chai

We proudly use the same chai recipe we grew up on to make this pop. It’s full of all sorts of flavors including assam black tea, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, star anise, and ginger root – it doesn’t get more authentic than this!

Strawberry Mint Lemonade

Strawberry Mint Lemonade (vegan)

Our Mango Lassi pop may be our best-seller, but this one isn’t far behind! Real strawberries, real mint, and real lemon juice create this refreshing pop without the guilt!

Marionberry Cheesecake

We make marionberry jam, combine it with ricotta, and top it with graham crackers. This flavor was an instant hit and we sold out of it the first day we took it out and have had a hard time keeping it in stock since!

Rocket Pop

We couldn’t resist taking a stab at the classic rocket pop, but we also couldn’t stand the idea of juices and flavorings. We used strawberries, blueberries, and coconut milk to achieve a red, white, and blue pop with all the flavor and none of the bad stuff.

Pride Pop (vegan)

We still haven’t decided if this flavor is genius or if we were just out of our minds because it’s a lot of work! Each layer is made of different fruits (and even vegetables!) like strawberries, orange, pineapples, blueberries… just to name a few. We get asked about this flavor a lot. We will definitely be bringing it back for next year’s Pride celebrations and are willing to make it for special orders, so get in touch if you’re looking for this for an event.

We LOVE to collaborate with local businesses on new flavors! Not only is it an amazing learning experience, but we’ve also built some solid friendships. Some of the pops we’ve come up with (and some we’re still working on) are listed below:

Blueberry Devil (vegan)

We combined Kapto PDX’s Devil’s Jam (fermented blueberry and habanero) with real blueberries and lemon juice then topped it off with coconut milk infused with basil and ginger to cool it all down!

Creamy Margarita

We wanted to create a flavor to celebrate our new partnership with Taco Pedaler and a margarita was the first thing to come to mind, so we came up with a simple margarita with a creamy twist. We highly recommend dropping this one in a shot of tequila!

Spicy Watermelon

We created this flavor specifically to be combined with a cocktail for Cully Central, but it’s delicious and refreshing either way. We basically combined a ton of fresh watermelon with jalapeno to give it just the right amount of kick!

Mama’s Vietnamese Iced Coffee

We named this pop after Thuy from Mama Dut Foods because she went above and beyond to bring this flavor to life. She found amazing Vietnamese coffee and had it shipped all the way from New York just for our pops. She also took the time to teach me how to correctly brew the coffee and introduced me to coconut condensed milk so we could keep it vegan. This one will definitely wake you up!

Want to collaborate? Interested in wholesale? Looking for a signature pop for your event or business? Let’s talk!

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